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Maddie & Tony - Indianapolis Destination Engagement Session in Las Vegas
Friday, March 09, 2018
By Gronde Photography
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Life doesn't just happen in the areas where we live.  Everyone gets that bug in them every so often that tells them that they NEED to travel.  Trust me, it's even worse for a photographer.  I get super jealous of photographers that live in areas with crazy architecture, open oceans with pristine beaches, or amazing white capped mountain ranges.  I love Indianapolis, but there are definitely times I want a change of scenery.  With Alegiant Air now offering SUPER CHEAP flights from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, it was the prefect chance to go do some sessions out in the City That Never Sleeps!

Speaking of never sleeping, Maddie, Tony, and I went out to take on the Vegas Strip pretty late at night actually.  I met Maddie and Tony out there in Vegas and they couldn't wait to go out and take some photos.  We were going from spot to spot down the strip and I was trying to travel fairly lightly.  I had only a single light stand and my shoulder bag because every bit of the strip is private property owned by the casinos and resorts, but as long as you aren't impeding traffic you are pretty free to do what you want, so I wanted to make sure we could get a few shots and then move along quickly.

What I did NOT expect at all was that as we were making our way down the Las Vegas strip and stopping to pose and take some shots, passersby were noticing the flashes going off and me taking photos.  At one point some other random person started taking photos next to me.  I have no idea who they were but we needed the shot so I just kept shooting.  While I was checking the shot on the back of my camera a person, who had obviously had a few drinks before this point, leaned over and whispered to me, "ummmm, who are they?"  Without missing a beat I replied, "You don't know Tony and Maddie?!"  Just after I took one more shot and then packed up to move out I heard him say to the woman with him. "I told you that was Tony and know from that thing" 

We had a blast and I had managed to turn Tony and Maddie into Celebrities, at least for one night.  The only thing that could have made it better was if people had started asking for autographs!  Never a dull moment on one of our shoots!

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