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Washington DC Boudoir - Gronde Photography Boudoir Mini-Marathon
Tuesday, May 06, 2014
By Gronde Photography
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Here in Virginia things were finally starting to heat up after such a crazy winter, but then it got cold again and actually snowed in April in some areas.  We decided that we would help things heat back up a little bit by giving you guys a very limited sneak peek at our boudoir mini-sessions from February.  There are many reasons we love doing boudoir photography and why our clients love it, as well.  These aren’t paid models who hang out in their lingerie all day.  These are real women, of all shapes and sizes, who work regular jobs and always come into our studio space and say the same thing, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”  The amazing thing is, as nervous as they are to take photos like these and see themselves with their hair and makeup professionally done, it only takes a few minutes of shooting for them to find a new confidence and empowerment in themselves.  We stop having to direct the poses and just shoot what we see.  They leave the session ready to take on the world and then again when they get the photos back and see how amazing they look in them (we never hear any complaints from their husbands either, who always receive a “little black book” as a gift).  The ladies below specifically asked us not to share any images that show their faces (with todays age of internet privacy, or lack there of we completely understand) which is a shame because there are so many AMAZING images we wish we could share with you where you can see the confidence in their eyes, which as any guy knows, is the sexiest part!