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Indianapolis Wedding Photographer? We're Moving!
Friday, September 16, 2016 9:31AM
By Gronde Photography
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Indy or Bust!  We're Moving to Indianapolis!

Robert and Sarah | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Museum of Art


If you've been paying close attention to our website and social media pages, you may have seen information starting to change.  It's time to finally and officially announce that we are moving to Indianapolis!  The very first thing we'd like to say is how thankful we are to have had the absolute most AMAZING Washington, DC clients that any photographer could ever ask for!  You all have been so gracious and kind to us in our time here in DC and we wouldn't be close to where we have come in the past six years without you.

With that being said, we've had our struggles here with finding our place in the absolute sea of photographers in the DC area and we have hit a plateau with our business.  Sometimes when you need to take your career, your business, your relationship, your life to that next level, you have to do something drastic!  And by that I mean, Brandy is going to dye her hair pink!  Because when life gets tough it's time to do some crazy stuff to your hair!  J/k :D  (but seriously how amazing would Brandy look with Pink hair?!... comment below)  In all seriousness, it was time to move and Brandy and I looked at several options: Texas, South Carolina, Missouri, but it ended up coming down to moving back to my hometown of Indianapolis!

The cost of doing business in DC is high and with 2 kids, having a babysitter for 8-12 hours for a wedding is a large part of our expenses which means we had to charge more to cover that.  Here in Indy we have family nearby (yay Grandma!), which means we can do long weddings without hundreds of dollars going to childcare.  We might even be able to do destination weddings now!  We can do shoots, meet with clients, and plan styled shoots during the week now, which previously we only did on weekends.  The population of photographers out here is not nearly as dense as it is in the DC area where we basically compete with three states (DC, MD, and VA) worth of photographers all competing against each other.  There are a few really good heavy hitter photographers here in Indy already which we hope to meet with, network with, and hopefully become friends with in the coming months!  We have huge plans for this fall and winter and hopefully can fill our 2017 calendar before Jan 1!  We still only want to do 12-15 weddings a
year just so we can continue to give the well-deserved attention to each and every one of our brides need!  What does this mean for all our faithful clients in DC?  Fear not!  There's still plenty of business for us to do in DC, so if you're a fan and you're in DC and you still want to have photos done please don't hesitate to still contact us and let us know!  As long as we have some time in advance to plan we can still make it out to DC for photos!  Again, we can't thank all you enough and hope you'll stick around our social media pages to see what Indy has in store for us and the amazing things WE have in store for Indy!

To Celebrate our new life here in Indy we are giving $500 off all wedding packages for 2017 Brides!  How exciting is that?!?  If you know someone in Indy please share this post with them!  We'd to start meeting new people and building some great relationships with new clients!

Go Colts!

Alexandra - Washington DC Senior Photography - Center Stage/Rocky Mashup Editorial Shoot
Thursday, April 21, 2016 7:00AM
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Every summer we take some time to do some editorial senior sessions just for us and our own creative release.  One of the things we obviously need for these sessions is models!  So how do we pick our models?  The seniors who come to us and book their senior session with us in their junior year or even earlier will get a chance to be a part of these shoots on top of their booked session.  We don't charge have to be a part of two or maybe even three sessions for the price of one.  Plus you get some amazing images that can be outside the box!  How awesome is that?!?!


That brings us to Alexandra!  We have wanted and wanted to find a ballerina to work with and we finally found one!  Once we found out Alexandra did ballet and could stand on pointe we started working on a concept.  We started looking for inspiration and kept finding the same thing.  Plain leotards, pink tutus and these bright airy soft images of beautiful ballerinas in gardens and things like that.  They are beautiful images, but we decided that we were going to try and do something different.  So different that it was out of our own comfort zone and even outside of our usual style of more bright, airy, and fun images.  For this we wanted something raw, edgy, and gritty.  Ballerinas are strong and train incredibly hard.  We wanted to portray that in these images.  One of Brandy's favorite movies of all time is Center Stage, so we started thinking about all the training they went through in that movie and how amazing the scene in the red leotard was at the end of that movie.  When Chris was thinking about training he immediately thought of all the training montages from Rocky with stairs, alleys, meat lockers, and dark rainy places.  Then it hit us...why not do both!


We pitched the "Center Stage/Rocky Mashup" idea to Alexandra and her mom and they were super excited about it.  The night we met up with Alexandra and her mom it was cold and raining and it took a bit to get everything set up but once we got into a groove it was absolute magic and Alexandra was just killin' it!  We started out with just her tennis shoes on because of how wet it was and we didn't want her to slip, get hurt, and then end up losing half the session, but by the end when we took that final shot down the alley way along the train under those awesome overhead lights.  That was the image we wanted.  That was the entire concept we had come up with in a single image!  


 Every time we pick up a camera to do a shoot we try to think:  If we could walk away from a session with only 1 image, what would that image look like?  What is that signature image that our client might hang over their fireplace.  That was the image.  


 If you are a sophmore or junior this year and want to have truly unique, incredible Senior photos during your Senior year, and also have the opportunity to be a part of our conceptual shoots like this one!  You gotta book early!  Email us today!  And then leave a comment below about YOUR idea for a concept shoot!

Styled Shoot (Part 2) - Washington DC Wedding Photography
Monday, March 21, 2016 7:00AM
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Here is part two of our amazing styled shoot session at the Inn at Kelly's Ford!  Take another look at the beautiful work of these amazing vendors and our model Bride Nicole.  We absolutely fell in love with the Inn's vintage pickup truck!  Be sure to check out part one if you missed it.  Our favorite part of this whole thing was getting to mark off one of the items on our photography bucket list; getting to photograph a bride with a horse.  There is just something about a bride and horse that is just amazing!  Let us know what your favorite part of this shoot was down in the comment section! 




Model Bride: Nicole

Venue: The Inn at Kelly's Ford

Cake: Karen, Cakes in Art

Coordinator: Jennifer, MAYJUNE Events

Flowers: Kristen, Affairs by Ayres

Stationery: Barbara, Mayla Studios

Wedding Gown: Ava Laurenne Bride

Hair & Makeup: Jacquelyn Rodriguez from Enlightened Styles

Catering: A la Carte Catering 

Styled Shoot (Part 1) - Washington DC Wedding Photography
Monday, March 14, 2016 7:00AM
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Sometimes you want to just take gorgeous bridal images without the stress of time crunches and let the creativity of each vendor run absolutely wild.  That is why we do Styled Shoots.  We get vendors together and tell them the sky is the limit!  Do what you do best!  Show us what you got!  Luckily we had the opportunity to collaborate with another local amazing photographer named Ken Pak who coordinated this amazing group of vendors together and we created a cohesive rustic theme and let our vendors run wild.  We were able to spend the whole day capturing the beauty of the Inn at Kelly's Ford and the creativity of these amazing vendors with the help of our amazingly gorgeous model bride Emily!  So take a moment and just taken in all the beauty below and maybe borrow a few ideas for your own wedding or event!  All of the vendor information is listed down below for your enjoyment!  Please tell them Chris and Brandy sent you!





Model Bride: Emily Lomantagne

Venue: The Inn at Kelly's Ford

Cake: Karen, Cakes in Art

Coordinator: Jennifer, MAYJUNE Events

Flowers: Kristen, Affairs by Ayres

Stationery: Barbara, Mayla Studios

Wedding Gown: Ava Laurenne Bride

Hair & Makeup: Jacquelyn Rodriguez from Enlightened Styles

Catering: A la Carte Catering 

Veronica - Washington DC Senior Photography
Monday, February 29, 2016 8:00AM
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We would love for you to meet Veronica, a Seinor at Lake Braddock High School.  She came to us over the summer with her charming smile and incredible urban style and we just couldn't get enough of her personality which shines in every single photo!  She told us the first thing anyone notices about her is her hair AND HOW COULD THEY NOT!  THOSE CURLS!  And as a girl after Chris' own heart, she loves a good scifi novel!  And as a girl after Brandy's own heart... she loves a good pair of colorful converse chucks!  



Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner!  Which means we have to get ready for summer!  What does that mean for you?  It means we need new Seniors to go out and represent Gronde Photography to their classmates and their schools!  If you have a unique style and outgoing personality we want to make you a part of our 2016 model program!  Want to know how you could get your photo session with us completely free?  All you have to do is spread the word about how great your experience was.  Be sure to email us today and ask about how you or your Senior can apply!